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Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am

All baptized Christians (not just Lutherans) are invited to participate in Holy Communion, which is celebrated at every Sunday Worship Service.

Adult Education - 9:00 am

Vesper Services - 7:00 pm each Wednesday

5 reasons to Worship at Grace this Sunday:

5.  Youve got the clothes.  Youll see all kinds of clothes at Grace were more concerned with whats on the inside.

4.  Youll know what to do.  The worship service is printed out in an easy to follow format.

3.  Youll be welcome.  Grace seeks to obey the Lords command to love everyone, and we value and accept all people in the name of Jesus regardless of gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation.  We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation.

2.  Youll fit in.  Grace is a diverse community

1.  Youll be able to worship the one, true, living, loving and forgiving God.

A Christian Church for your life

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Grace Lutheran Church is a diverse community hearing, learning, sharing God's love.